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Or...I lost my Lithium

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Guess who got engaged? Thats right. Me. Sept 25th...I was drunk, so I think he took advantage of the situation...

Look for reception/party plans over the next few months.

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Six classes down....and every fucking one of them A's. That's right.

I is a samrt cookie.

Oh, and Im rewarding myself with the Watchmen tonight. Mmm. Dr. Manhattan's giant blue penis...I jest. I wanna see Rorshach.

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Who wants to help me do research on the impact of "Howl" and literature today? It's gonna be AWESOME!!!

Who am I kidding....It's gonna suck monkey balls.....blech.

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Finishing the semester with a 4.0 GPA.....Fuck yes. In six years peoples, I will be a Dr. God its gonna be awesome.
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Lawrence walked out the door, with a gleam in his eye, and wicked grin dancing across his lips.

She heard the door close, and slid off the table. Looking down at herself, she smiled Faint bruises crossed her breasts, and her inner thighs.

Trying to steady herself, she ambled to the bathroom. Turning the shower on, testing for the right temperature, she stepped in. Taking her time, washing herself lightly, skin still sore. Feeling like she got ran over by a truck.

Remembering Stephens plan, she walked over to her closet. She pulled out a white, spaghetti strapped sundress, and her immaculate red sandals. Going over to her dresser, she selected her matching white bra and panties.

Taking her time getting dressed, making sure nothing gets wrinkled, she doesnt pay attention to the clock that is above her bed. Adjusting herself in the mirror, she sees Stephen in the reflection. Turning around, smiling softly, she says,

"Hello...youre kind of early arent you?"

Stephen had an unreadable expression on his face. Walking up behind her, he runs his rough hands over her soft body. Grabbing her by the waist, he turns her back to him, and pushes her on the bed facedown.

He lifts the back of her dress, inspecting her back, her legs. Lifting her hips, Stephen then pulls her white cotton panties down to her ankles. Running his finger over her most private places, he begins to feel welts. That werent there yesterday. Running his finger around her, she is beginning to get wet. He slams two fingers deep inside. She winces, and stifles a scream.

He begins to work his fingers, strumming her like a bass guitar. With his free hand, he pushes her back, controlling her movement. Quickly pulling his fingers out, he flips her over. She is looking at him with great interest. Her mouth is partly open, as if to speak.

Stephen is standing over her, glaring with intent. He takes his hand thats slick with her own juices, and smears it across her lips.

"You want to act like a slut, so Ill treat you like a slut. Now, lick your lips. Enjoy your taste, God knows how many others have."

She lowers her eyes in shame, licking hr lips slowly. Her taste is on her tongue, her cheeks enflaming. She has nothing to say to his comment.

He lifts her dress up to her shoulders. She can feel his eyes burning her. He takes his left hand and presses her into the bed.

He lifts her bra up off her breasts in a single movement. He sees fresh bruises surrounding her nipples. His blue eyes narrow, his voice barely a whisper,

"This is how you spend your day? When I tell you to clean this house, and to behave, this is what you do?"

She opens her mouth, to defend herself, but Stephen presses a finger to her lips.

"I made a request. You did not do what was needed. Once again, I find that you disobeyed me."

She looks at him, her hazle eyes flashing. She knows it would be useless to speak, so she just listens to him.

"In two days, Mine, you have broke the rules. Im not understanding why you like to disappoint me. Im not understanding why you like to anger me. I figured the lesson of you sleeping on the floor was enough."

At these words, she struggles against his hand. She opens her mouth, words dripping with acid off her lips,

"If you must know Sir, I was cleaning the house. If you must know Sir, I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom when your little friend stopped by for a visit. Seemed to him that I was better suited to whine, than be a house bitch."

He looks down at her, with laughter in his eyes, he gives a sigh, and speaks,

"Do you know what you want, Sophie? Do you know what you crave?"

He puts her bra back over her breasts, and starts pulling her dress back down. He stops at her stomach, and pulls out a single clothespin out of his pocket. He places the clamp on her belly button without warning.

"Which is more important, Mine? Lawrence's pain? Or my rules?"

With that question, she bites down on her mark, looking away, glancing at the floor. Her body begins to tremble. She really has no answer for him. And even if she did, she would be too afraid to speak.
* * *
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She stands there, staring at the door. She wonders what what Stephen has planned for her. True, she had never been whipped for punishments sake. She had never had to endure pain, for pains sake. Its always been pleasurable, even orgasmic.

She smiled at this, remembering the last time Stephen and her had some time together. The stinging lashes,the burning flame. And the orgasms. Oh yes. Stephen didnt even have to penetrate her. He just had to whip and burn her pale, smooth, soft flesh.

She looked down at her socks, smiling to herself. She doesnt bother changing them. She finds her feet, charming.

With a contented sigh, Sophia begins her morning chores. She washes dishes, gathering spare cups and glasses that are scattered around her house. She notices the ring on her table, hoping that she could polish it out.

She gets the urge to listen to music, so she walks over to her CD collection. Her hazel yellow eyes scans her options, and she then finds what she calls her house cleaning music. With Joe Strummer screaming about London Calling, she sets off into the bathroom.

Shes in the middle of being in the bathtub, scrubbing the sides, on her hands and knees, when she feels a pair of eyes on her back She turns around, and sits down in the damp floor of the tub. Shes looking at Lawrence.

"Look at the little house bitch. Dont you ever get tired? Cleaning up? Being Stephens little maid?"

Lawrence is regarding her with amusement. His silver eyes dancing at the image of her, a slight glisten on her forehead, hair disheveled.

"I dont know what youre talking about, Lawrence. Really. Part of my agreement with Stephen is keeping this house spotless."

"Oh sure, sure. But do you enjoy it? "

She had to pause at the question. She never really put much thought into enjoying, or not enjoying her chores. She just did them.

"I dont know if I do, or not. I dont think about it. But, now that you ask, I really still dont know. Why do you care?"

Lawrence walks over to the edge of the tub, looking at her. He smooths her hair out, smiling with intent.

I say, screw the house cleaning. Its a beautiful day. Its just begging for you to be ouside. Sides, do you honestly think Stephens going to care, if a few things are left undone?"

Lawrence reaches down, grabbing her slender arm, to help her out of the tub. He notices that her bottoms are wet, from sitting down. He then begins to ponder on helping her out of those pajamas.

"Im quite positive hes going to notice. And with the way things are looking, Im in enough trouble. The last thing I planned today was breaking another rule."

Lawrence laughed at her. Watching her move to rinse the cleaning chemicals out, he had an overpowering urge to just take her right there.

"Ok then. We will stay inside, with the sun shining outside, and you can slave away, trying to get things done. But you see, Im not going to let you."

Lawrences sliver eyes had a hard gleam in them. She tried to match his stare, but her eyes eventually shifted downwards. She didnt have anything to say about the fact that Lawrence was wanting her. She felt her cheeks warm up to the intent of his visit.

With cat like grace, he moved to her, and picked her up. She didnt have a chance to respond, or even put up a fight. Not that she would have, anyways.

He strides into the kitchen, setting her down on the dinner table. He pushes her down flat and proceeds to slowly undress her.

With her bottoms lying on the floor, he begins to pinch her inner thighs. Softly at first, until his fingers are right below her hot mound. She writhes under the sharp pain, biting back soft moans. She feels and extreme sharp pain, and crying out, the realization sets in. Lawrence is clamping her clit.

She feels herself becoming rather wet. She begins to take deep, slow, concentrated breaths. Lawrence is paying close attention to her reactions. He can see that she is slipping into head space, so he turns the screw twice. She tries to sit up, her eyes flying open, crying out.

"Look you pain slut. This is not for you. I dont need you to get off on my work. Im just playing with you, because youre sexier when youre wimpering."

He forces her back down on the table, her back hitting solid wood.

"Now, little house bitch. Start whining."

Lawrence pulls eight clothespins from his pockets. He walks up the length of the table, to Sophia's chest. He turns, and grabs a slender, sharp, glistening deboning knife. With the pins placed next to her legs, he methodically slices her tee shirt down the middle.

She feels the cold metal touch her skin. Shes also fully aware that with one small movement, she could get severely cut.

He pulls the cut shirt apart, and stares down at her small breasts. He sees that she is not wearing a bra, and this entices him further. He presses the edge of the blade to her bare nipple. She lets out a gasp and begins to hope that the knife will be put away.

"Open your eyes bitch. Stay with me. Trust me, little girl. I wouldnt dream of letting your blood out of such a perfect body."

Lawrence turns around, and places the knife back. He stands there for a moment, to let her calm down.

"You are not allowed to come. I know you, little one. You enjoy this. Youre going to beg for release. But you cannot, and will not have it."

He grazes his fingertips over her hard raised nipples, down her belly, to the clamp. He slowly, painfully unscrews it. He feels her getting wet again, so he pinches her labia. Hard.

"What did I just tell you?"

She glances over to him. She feels her body shaking, tense, tight. Her breathing is ragged, coming out of her lips, soft and fast. He walks down to the clothes pins, and grabs them up. He looks at her naked shaking body up and down.

"Whatever you do girl, do not come. Now matter how good this feels to you, do not come. No matter how delicious the searing pain, do not come."

Lawrence then places a pin over each nipple, and places three pins on each side of her labia. She lets out a cry, closing her eyes. She tries so hard to hold herself back. She feels her inner thighs getting wet. Shes whining to him. Moving her back up and out,. rolling with the hard bites to her body.

"Let me, let me, please, I want.....I want.....please....oh, oh, please, just...."

He leans down, and whispers harshly, hissing out the words.

"No. I said no little pain slut. No coming for you today."

He leaves the pins on her. Leaving her to deal with the sublime pain, he walks to the cabinet, and grabs a glass. Watching her writhe, whine, and moan under the clamps, he fills his glass with her half drunk can of Mountain Dew.

"Not too bad little girl. Just a few moments more, and Ill be on my way."

He walks slowly around her, tapping and tugging each well secured clamp. She cries out, grabbing hold of the sides of the table. Arching her back out, breathing in the pain, exhaling the beauty of it.

With Lawrence keeping a steady look at her, he begins to pop the pins off one by one, at a rapide pace. As the last one is removed, she rises almost up off the table with a shattering scream. The blood rushing through her causes her to squirm, rubbing her legs together, her eyes to water. She is hypervenilating at the pain.

"Good Sophie. Good little slut. I know you want release, I can see it, hell! I can smell it!!"

She lays back down, closing her eyes, focused on not having an orgasm. She wants one, but not want to cause him to be angry.

While she is regaining control of her senses, Lawrence leaves a single pin on the counter, and walks out.
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She awoke to the sun careessing her face. As she slowly came to being fully awake, she was suddenly aware of all her muscles. Stiff.
She pulled her eyes open, the first thing she saw was the design laid out on her kitchen floor.
The last thing she remembers seeing were Stephens black leather oxfords.
"Funny, their not here anymore" she thought calmly to herself.
With a deep sigh, she slowly sat up, running her fingers through her tangled tresses. Still feeling sore and groggy, she grabbed onto the counter to pull herself up. Blinking a few times, she was still unsure what happened. Did Stephen really leave her there, knelt on the kitchen floor, even to sleep there? Alone? She ran these thoughts through her head as she went about her usual morning routine.
With the sharp smell of coffee brewing, she hobbled to the bathroom, to take a shower. To get rid of the slick feeling that was covering her skin.
Feeling the bullets shoot from the showerhead, she had to use her total strength to remain standing.
Pondering on how shes going to spend her day, she doesnt hear the faint noises coming from her bedroom. She decides that since it is her day off, she will spend the day in her soft, comfortable, cotton pajamas.
With that thought, she turned off the water, and stepped out, wrapping herself into a giant terry cloth towel.
As she steps into her room to get dressed, the first thing she sees is Stephen. She pulls the towel tighter against her skin, and gazes out at Him. She opens her mouth to speak, but quickly closes it again. She stands there, amazed, shocked.
She had no idea that He was still in the house. She thought that He had left. To take care of whatever it is that He does.
She begins to fume at the fact that she was neglected. She had never had to sleep alone. Her eyes showed the extreme displeasure of her situation.
Stephen stands there, next to the unmade bed. There is evidence that He spent the night, peacefully sleeping. Which angers her even more.

"You left me alone. You have never left me to sleep, like a dog, on the floor. And then, You have the nerve, to sleep? Here? In bed? While I was on the floor, did it even occur to You to even wake me up? To bring me next to Your side?!?"

She rattled the words, quickly, in a steady, cold tone. Her chest heaving with her deep jagged breaths, her eyes glittering. She still had hold of her towel, and her knuckles were white.

Stephen hears the agitation in her voice. He sees the fire in her eyes, noticing the towel around her. And while she is raging at Him, He lets out a sleepy yawn, and eases His feet into His warm slippers.

"Are you finished?"

She stops abruptly, midsentence, and looks Him fully in the face. No, shes not finished. But she caves in defeat as she realizes that Hes not really listening to her at all.

"Im just wondering if were done. I dont have to explain anything to you. I dont answer to you. Now, if youll excuse Me"....

Stephen strolls out of the room, and into the coffee scented kitchen.

"Sophia!! Where is my coffee?!?"

"Your coffee is in the coffee pot!!"

Shes busy throwing on her pajamas, wincing at the slowly loosening of her leg muscles. She knows she shouldnt have just said that, and regrets it immediatly. As she throws socks over her feet, hopping out the door, she watches Stephen making a cup for Himself.

"Please. Im sorry. I shouldnt have answered Your question like that. But I really had no idea that You spent the night. I should ask for forgiveness."

Stephen looks at her with his soft, blue eyes. He sees her leaning in the doorway, fighting with her socks, and amusement fills His face.

She finally has her socks properly on her feet.She then walks over to the counter, and leans her elbows on it, placing her chin in her hands. She sees amusement in His eyes, and that makes her agitated again.

"Are You hungry? I could make up some french toast if Youd like"

Her voice came out soft, subdued. Her eyes were light, with a faint smile in them.

"The least I could do for You. Unless You have a busy day ahead of Yourself. After all, I failed to have Your coffee ready."

Stephan is regarding her offering. He also realizes that she never did ask forgiveness. Looking her up and down, noting the white tee shirt, and her mismatched socks, He laughs to Himself.

"No. I dont think Ill eat here. Its time I got out of here, to let you clean up the place. Its rather disorganzed, and you wont have the time to do it tonight."

He drained his cup, left it on the counter. As he walked out the front door, He turned to Sophia.

"Mine. Look down at your feet. And before you run off to fix it, come here."

She takes a quick glance, and sees her socks are two different colors. She blushes at the mistake, and quickly walks over to Him.

Stephen bends down, searching her eyes, and leans in for a biting, hard sudden kiss.

"I will see you tonight, Mine"

He caresses her face, moving hair out of her eyes. He runs a finger over her mouth, her neck.

"I hope you will make Me proud Sophia. I want you to see, feel, taste, hear the pain that you will be recieving tonight."

And with that, Stephen walks out the door, leaving her speechless.

(Part two to be continued)
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She sees the look in her Master's eyes. The force, the sheer brilliance in His eyes alone, tells her. GO HOME.
While she doesnt exactly know what she did to incur His wrath, she does what she is told. His little toy rises up, off her rugburned, pain racked knees. She dares to look deep in His eyes, and instantly sees that He is not pleased. Not happy with her. She stands all the way up, and lowers her eyes instantly. He doesnt speak directly to her, but she hears His deep voice booming through her ears, entering into her very soul.

"She knew the rules. She agreed. Shes wearing My mark. Proudly at that! But does she honor Me? Does she abide by My rule? Lawrence, you saw it with your own eyes!!"

Lawrence, stands eye level with Stephen, his silver eyes clouding over with slight annoyance.

"Maybe if you trained her better, she wouldnt have talked to the waitress herself."

With that comment in Sophia's ears, she shamefully walked out of the heavy oak doors.

Sophia stands outside, trying to keep her tears under control. Her vision blurred, she barely has time to recognize the cab idiling at the curb. A voice breaks the silence.

"Are you Sophia?"

At the mention of her name, Sophia raises her head with tears in her eyes, and mutters so quietly


the driver looks at her with complete indifference. He does not care to know why she is crying. He does not notice her tore up knees. Or her shameful demeanor.

"Get into the car, Sophia. I have been told to bring you to your house. I have been left with explicit directions to give to you."

Sophia takes the envelope out of the drivers hand. Her hands are trembling at what is awaiting her at her house.

Sophia reaches her house, and feels somewhat better. She still doesnt know what she did wrong, but at this point, Sophia doesnt care anymore.
She walks into her living room, flipping the light switch, looking around her own safe haven. Her eyes are drawn to the half consumed glass of Merlot, sitting on the cherry table. Her eyes widen at the thought of the punishment that she has coming for THAT infraction. And as thoughts are want to go, she then remembers that she upset Stephen a mere forty minutes ago.
Sophia finds herself pacing back and forth over her well worn carpets, muttering to herself when a sudden loud banging noise brought her back to her senses.

Sophia turns quickly around, and in her clumsiness, knocks over an antique vase, which was resting on the mantle. Which so happened to belong to Stephen. Without her also knowing that it contained Stephens dead grandmothers ashes. She trampled the remains in an effort to regain her composure.

Stephens six foot two frame fills her doorway. His eyes were flashing in brilliant, cold, glacial blue hues. His breathing was slow, measured, quiet. Sophia knew that she had violated His few, but all encompassing rules. Just by looking at Him her knees shook, her eyes dropped instantly to the floor, and she found her voice quiet, and clearly muttering an incoherent stream of apologies.

Stephen hears her, but does not understand the babbling that is eminating from her. He throws His jacket down, without sparing her a second glance, he strides into the kitchen.

Sophia risks a glance at Him, as His back is turned to her. She notices a disquieting lack of sound as Stephen pours Himself a drink.

As Stephen takes a deep, long pull of his glenfiddich scotch, He begins to speak. Forcefully, and calmly.

"Come here now Sophia. I desire to speak to you. You have two seconds to get in here, on your knees, to listen to what I have to tell you"

She scampers from the living room, into the kitchen, careful not to slide on the linolium. She gets just mere inches from Him, and drops to her knees, not daring to look up at Him. Her head is bowed, as if she is praying to her God. She feels the pain of the floor digging deep into her knees. She knows she has done something so terrible, so wrong to have Him glaring down at her.

As Stephen begins to speak, Sophia begins to tremble at every word. The more He lectures, the lower her head gets. Soon enough, her head is touching the cold floor. With His eyes boring holes in the back of her head, He repeats His rules. The rules to which she willingly, longingly agreed to.

He squatted down in front of her, placing His index finger directly under her chin, pointing to the infraction of her memory, to look into her fear in her mind, behind her eyes.
Sophia does not speak. She does not move. She is entirely focused on Him. Her wrathful God.

"Sophia, what are the rules that you agreed to? What did you consent to? Sophia, you are aware that you broke three out of four of my rules. Four rules!! Is it really that hard to control yourself??"

Sophia did not speak. She was terrified. Moved beyond words. She heard her heartbeat echoing in her ears.


Her head quickly raises to meet His gaze. She is totally afraid. And totally willing to give herself over to her punishment.

While His eyes are locked onto hers, He raises His full body over her five ft three frame.

"Sophia, surely you know My simple requests. I drilled them into that skull of yours, repeatedly. Now, repeat them back to Me."

Sophia looked up, directly into His eyes. She had a cold, fearful tone in her voice as she repeated the broken agreement between them.

"Sir, I consented to serve Your needs
Sir, I consented to obey Your orders
Sir, I consented to accept Your Domination
Sir, lastly, but most important of all, I consented to pleasing Your desires"

With the last word falling from her mouth, Stephen knelt down, jabbing His finger again, under her chin. Staring into her, searching, violating her very being, Stephen leaned in, and with quick agility, He bit her already bruised bottom lip.

She stifled a cry at the primal movements of her Masters teeth. She felt blood flowing slowly onto her tongue.

She still did not move. She wanted to cry, she felt hot tears, but held them back. Sophia has never cried in front of Stephen. Her tongue grazed the freshness of her mark. And all the while, Stephen just stared.
Cold. Brutal.
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Nightmare is coming to Tinseltown next month. Hell fucking yes!! And I was talking to a pal of mine from Bama, and he said he also caught Back To The Future, as well as Nightmare on Elm Street. That would be so cool it BTF came to the theater....I didnt get a chance to see it there in its original release.
My cravings are getting taken care rather nicely....although I did discover that Im allergic to KY and Baby Oil. Long story short....too much baby oil was applied when we were playing with candles. I mist say, I was impressed with how fast I was unbound, unclamped, and unhooked. *devilish grin*
I was in that bathtub in less than 10 seconds. But anywho. It was nice to be in headspace again.....Almost forgot what it was like. *laughing*
I have also discovered sometihng about myself recently. I may be a switch. Im in need of a foot slut. Someone to massage and care for my feet, and my legs. Im tired of coming home from work, being tired, and my feet killing me. Dont ask where that came from....I dont know. Like I said, it just hit me the other day.
But anywho.
God knows why Im awake this early...I usually havent been waking up till 9 or so....
Maybe Ill make myself some coffee and see what I accomplish.
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You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"
* * *
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